Swamp Blood

Apocalypse NOLA

Day 3

After leaving the cult temple, Jayce and Marcus return to The Red to speak to Jackson about what they found. After chastising Jayce for not bringing back his employees, he put Marcus in touch with James “Scratch” Marconi to go and investigate the mausoleum in Old Metarie Cemetery.
Marcus and Scratch found a secret passage in the tomb which led to an underground haven. There, they witnessed the beginning of a zombie invasion of New Orleans.
Marcus and Scratch pasrted ways going to meet with their respective mentors. Marcus and Lidia went to a secret kindred panel at the Cabildo to discuss what to do next. Here, the unnamed Ordo Dracul leader announced that he could help but only if the city accepted the order in its borders.


lance_boudreaux lance_boudreaux

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